Android LG tablet and flagship Optimus Z refresh due Q4

Jul 5, 2010

LG are planning to release an Android-based tablet in Q4 2010, as part of a new push for the Google OS both in its home Korea and abroad.  The unnamed tablet is yet to be detailed; however, LG has also revealed it's working on an updated version of the Optimus Z SU950, with the same OMAP3630 processor as found in the DROID X and a 3.8-inch display, for launch in Q4.

The new Optimus Z would support HD video recording and be DLNA compliant for streaming multimedia wirelessly.  It'll also run Android 2.2; LG are seemingly looking to update their current range to 2.2 as well, promising first an Android 2.1 update for the Optimus Q LU2300 in August followed by broader 2.2 availability later in the year.  Finally, they're also planning a Windows Phone 7 handset, also for launch in Q4.

[via Android Community]

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