Android devices beat iPhone in revenue on Millennial network

Oct 19, 2010

Millennial Media has unveiled the latest numbers for its ad network covering September 2010. The company has announced for the first time ever that devices running Android have beaten the iPhone in revenue on the network. The second most used phone on the network was the Motorola Droid.

The Droid was right behind the iPhone in usage with the iPhone used 19.28% of the time and the Droid used 9.66% of the time. Another big grower on the network was the iPad with revenue growing 316% in Q3 and impressions increasing 156% for the same period.

Android ad requests grew 26% since January according to the report with the OS itself growing 1283% since the start of 2010. The most popular app categories were games, social networking, and music for Q3.

Via Android Community

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