Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player Leaked, Ready for Download [UPDATE: Not for Everyone!]

Dec 29, 2010

Take a peek! You know that new version of Android coming out soon, 3.0 Honeycomb? Well not only do lots of people have their hands on bits of it, they're setting them free into the wild. Which piece will it be today? Why, a brand new music player of course. You can grab the download link below if you like, or continue to read some words about it as I type them out. I know which one I'd do if I didn't already have it. It looks like the 3D photo gallery you're used to and works like a charm.

Divided up into Artists, Albums, and Songs, with few options (but who needs em?) for playing the music, this player shouldn't surprise to that much of an extent. On the other hand, is it a surprise you want or a really awesome working music player? Download the thang for yourself now!

ANDROID HONEYCOMB MUSIC PLAYER: FULL GUIDE [EARLY LEAK] / [Android Honeycomb music player download link]

Android Honeycomb Music Player demo!

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