Amped Wireless REC15A wifi extender now available

Mar 12, 2014
Amped Wireless REC15A wifi extender now available

Amped Wireless has launched its latest wireless device, the REC15A High Power Compact 802.11ac Wi-Fi Range Extender. This particular WiFi extender is designed to plug directly into a wall outlet, keeping one's devices compact and uncluttered, and offers 500 milliwatts of output.

The REC15A has four amplifiers and a dual-band high gain antenna, which Amped Wireless says provides up to 5,000 square feet of extended coverage. The device can be set up wirelessly through a laptop or mobile device, and there's a single wired port for use with devices with networking capabilities.

The device itself measures in at 3-inches x five-inches, and works with the company's Analytics Tool App, which is the same Android/Windows offering that is available for the company's other wireless devices. The extender is available now for $99.99 USD.

Said Amped Wireless CEO Jason Owen: "As more devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops and routers supporting the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard become available the need for faster, longer range Wi-Fi continues to grow. With the introduction of the REC15A, Amped remains at the forefront of Wi-Fi extending solutions by offering another high performance more affordable option for extending AC Wi-Fi coverage."

SOURCE: Amped Wireless

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