Amazon lists 3D TV with built-in Blu-ray player from unknown StreamTV brand

Apr 7, 2010

Amazon has a wide range of offerings and sometimes it is the only place you can find some of the items offered. Such is the case with a new 3D TV that has turned up on the site for pre-order from a company I have never heard of called StreamTV. I can’t even find information online about the company.

The set is very intriguing though with a 42-inch screen that can show 3D content without needing to wear glasses of any sort. The set also has an integrated Blu-ray player and full web browsing capability along with a 500GB HDD.

The rub is that even Amazon lacks hard information on the set, which is listed at $5,999.99. There are no pictures and no hard details on how the 3D TV works. Presumably, the integrated Blu-ray player supports 3D movies, but even that fact is not spelled out. Amazon claims the set will be released on May 7, hopefully we will know the sordid details by that date.

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