AlphaUi Back-Type Keyboard Adds 24 Physical Keys to the Back of Your Tablet [Video]

Oct 7, 2010

With the popularity of touchscreen devices picking up speed, especially in the tablet market, the debate regarding physical or software keyboards has also picked up steam. Many people love the mobility of a tablet, but immediately find ways to sync up physical keyboards to make typing easier. But, if you're looking for something that lets you still hold your tablet, and use a physical keyboard easily, then that's where the French company AlphaUi's Back-Type device will come in handy.

The Back-Type is designed to connect to the back-side of a tablet that measures between 5- and 7-inches. You'll then be able to type on 24 separate keys, which from the looks of them, can be customized to be comfortable for you. AlphaUi is so confident in the Back-Type, that they say that you'll be typing at speeds of 250 characters per minute after you get accustomed to the device.

AlphaUi was recently calling out to people who would like to Beta test the Back-Type, but there's no word from the company as to when we should expect the device to actually hit retail shelves. There's a chance that, if the device is finished (or something close to that), that the Back-Type may show up at CES 2011. No word on pricing yet, either, unfortunately.

[via OhGizmo!]

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