Alesis iO Mix squirts four tracks into your new iPad

Mar 27, 2012
Alesis iO Mix squirts four tracks into your new iPad

Alesis continues its obsession with slotting iPads into musical hardware with the iO Mix, a four-channel mixer that funnels audio into the Apple tablet via pro-style XLR-1/4" sockets. Core Audio support means it's compatible with most iPad audio apps, including Apple's own GarageBand, while a video output means it can be used to play back presentations and even as a karaoke hub.

Ports include four XLR-1/4" inputs with optional 48V phantom power for studio condenser microphones - while channel one is also switchable to guitar-direct input - as well as two 1/4" TRS balanced outputs, a 1/4" TRS stereo headphone socket, and an RCA composite video output. The iPad itself slides into a dock section and is locked in place for stability; it's recharged by the same power supply that's keeping the iO Mix running.

Controls consist of individual trim, channel gain, pan, and low & high EQ for each input channel, separate volume controls for the outputs, a direct monitor option for cutting out latency while recording, and a switchable limiter. Even if you're not recording, the guitar input option means you can use the iPad as a virtual effects pedal.

Alesis also offers an adapter for mounting the iO Mix on a mic stand. No word on pricing or availability at this stage.

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