Air Shadow hides those hideous fan blades

Jan 4, 2008
Air Shadow hides those hideous fan blades

Design doesn't always need to make complete sense, sometimes it just needs to wow people beyond their own logic. I don't recall ever thinking fan blades were such a huge design flaw that they needed to be taken off immediately, but apparently someone thinks it's a bit of a eye sore.

Some of the fans once the blades retract it just looks like a plain overhead light. I keep staring up at the ceiling fan above my head and no matter how hard I look at it I can't force myself to think it's such a hideous thing that it should be hidden.

Each fan varies in price according to model and how the blades retract. The base Air Shadow is priced at $499.95 but with extra lighting kits added the price reaches $899.95.

Air Shadow ceiling fan hides its blades when not in use [via bornrich]

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