aigo P8860 MID gets internal 3G HSDPA mod: Video Demo

Oct 27, 2008

After the video breakdown of aigo's P8860 Mobile Internet Device showed there was plenty of space for slotting in some onboard 3.5G WWAN capabilities, it was only a matter of time until the compact touchscreen device had some HSDPA poured into it.  jkkmobile - who has already added 3G and touchscreens to a variety of ultraportables - has done just that.

Video demo of the HSDPA-enabled aigo P8860 after the cut

The P8860 required not only a torn-apart Novatel modem, but a freshly soldered Mini PCI-E port and SIM slot.  The antenna also needed to be fitted in there.  It's not such a squeeze, though; there's still space for the next hack, which could either be a super-speedy USB flash memory drive or maybe a fingerprint reader.

While the aigo P8860 launched in Hong Kong had a factory-fit 3G option, the model currently on sale through the worldwide distributors seemingly does not offer it.  Considering how chunky most USB 3G modems are, integrating it inside the casing - especially if there's the space for it - makes much more sense.  Unless, that is, you prize your warranty.

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