Active Media Products unveils .50 cal flash drive

Nov 4, 2010

Some folks out there have to buy all the quirky flash drives that they run across. If you are one of these types of geeks we have a new one for you from Active Media Products. The new drive is called the Bullet USB Drive.

The drive comes in a gold color that is designed to look like a bullet. The thing is specifically designed to look like a .50 caliber bullet and the case of the bullet has the AMP logo on it. The flash drive has a keychain included to connect it to your keys.

It is waterproof and shock resistant and can be used on Mac and PC computers. It is offered in 4GB or 8GB capacities and measures 3" x 0.6". The 4GB version of the drive sells for $12.45 and the 8GB version is $21.95 with both on Amazon right now.

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