$28 Three-in-One wireless keypad, Blu-ray remote and game controller for PS3

Dec 30, 2008

Let’s forget about the appearance of the device from the picture for a minute. For a mere $28, you can get a Three-in-One PS3 wireless human interface device to replace your PS3 game controller and Blu-ray remote controller then gain an additional keyboard with custom keys to operate the full feature of your beloved PS3 game console. How’s that for a steal?

At this price point, it does looks like a steal if you were to spend $24 for the Bluetooth Blu-ray remote then add another $50 PS3 wireless keypad to the equation. Cosmetically, it doesn’t gets my vote but I don’t mind having an affordable backup unit when I need it.

Do keep in mind that it’s a slide-out keyboard and the miniature analog joy sticks may not have the dedication and dynamic manipulation of the original SIXAXIS. Want it give it a short? you can get one here.

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