16GB TrekStor USB drive bottle opener is handy

Sep 9, 2008
16GB TrekStor USB drive bottle opener is handy

How often have you been out and about with your USB drive and needed to open a drink? Well, maybe not all that often, but this combination USB drive and bottle opener by TrekStor is really pretty cool.

This isn't exactly a new thing, but now you can get a USB drive ranging from 1GB to 16GB from TrekStor. The flash drive has a brushed aluminum finish and looks pretty nice. The device has data transfer speeds of 25 MB/s read and 12 MB/s write.

It's compatible with Windows 2000 through Vista, Mac OS X and Linux from Kernel 2.6.x. If this bottle opener/data storage looks appealing to you, why not pick one up? The 1GB model costs 6.99 EUR or $10 USB while the 16GB costs 49.99 EUR or $71 USD. You can get your own starting next month.

[via GeekAlerts]

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